fan belt too tight???


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fan belt too tight???

have a 95 geo metro. I changed the fan belt sometime ago and ever since i did, it squeaks to high heaven for like the first 5 minutes of idling. If i start to drive before its gone it gets so loud, then goes away. If it is started again soon it is ok. If a few hours go by and its started same thing. I have tightened and retightend the belt multiple times. Can it be too tight. My thinking is if it gets warm and stretches it is fine cold and its too much ? stress on pulleys etc. Can not figure it out but can it be too tight? Defective belt? It never did it before with old ripped and ready to break belt that was on there before. Any thoghts? Thanks....
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I would think the belt isn't tight enough,junk brand or the alternator is about to die.Are you sure it's on all pulleys properly?
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If you overtighten it you will shorten the life of the bearings in the accessories the belt drives.

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