93 Gt 5.O problem


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93 Gt 5.O problem

hello everyone ok here i s goes i got a 93 5.O park for 5 plus months . i would stat it here and there but it's was no longer a daily driver,had a hole in h pipe and bad mass air meter because, one day i tried to start it and it would not start and backfire like so many times.anyway i unplugged the mass air meter and it started but ran poor.ok here we go again i put in new h pipe pro chamber and new mass air meter ford motor sport 70 mm plus my thottle body is bbk 70 mm just so ya know. and i'n still in process of completed ramair hood kit by cervinni plus just changed out 0_2 senser. all this done and it still runs but its like the true powers gone and when you first start it it's tough and then runs kinda high then low.no even idle only when it's warms up does it seem to run a little better but when driving jerks cuts in and out power.got a funny smell also i think it's just the hts coat burning off new h pipe but i don't know i sometimes see lite smoke kinda gray-white in color with that smell. anyways i'm tired of typing and thats about it sorry there's missed spelled words or puctuation . any idea's would be helpful thank you slurpee
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What's the voltage on the Throttle Position Sensor? (The BBK came with a new sensor right?)
Can you pull any codes?
The EEC-IV will often store code w/o turning on the check engine light
Make sure your Mass air is the right one for your injectors
(Ex. If you went with a '93 Cobra M/A and have stock HO injectors you'd have a prob.)
You'll also want to check your Air Idle Control Valve
See if you can get some codes

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