Broken spark plug


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Question Broken spark plug

I recently bought a used 1996 Ford Ranger. I was replacing spark plugs and one wouldn't come out as someone had rounded off the hex part. I used a bolt out and thought I had it loose but it turns out it broke off at the base and now the thread part is stuck in the head. I have it soaking in pb blaster penetrating oil and am thinking of trying to put an easy out in the hole to give it one last try before having it towed to the shop to remove the heads. Since they'll have to remove the head and drill it out anyway if this doesn't work, is there any reason I shouldn't try an easy out. Could I do further damage to the head other than what they'd have to do to get the remains of the spark plug out if I don't try this last option? Any advice is appreciated.
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Not seeing how bad it is, it's hard to say, but if there is enough material and your very carefull with the drill, it may work, or not be anymore damaging for the shop to fix
You want to steer clear of the threads
Don't drill all the way through and let shavings or bits fall in
Keep it real clean as you work, vac or compressed air out all shavings, esp. if it looks like it might work, don't let anything fall into the hole
I don't remember if these are aluminum heads or not
If no anti-seize was used on the plugs, this could be your problem, they may be fused
An EZ out may not be enough
Good idea on the overnight PB Blaster though
Also the plug or head threads could be stripped anyway, and this could be your problem
Boy it's a tough call-maybe try it a little now that it's been soaking, but just don't go nuts
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I would pull the affected head and repair it out of the vehicle.Do not use an easy out as you may cause damage to the head.The best bet would be drilling the remaining part out and installing a helicoil if needed.The debris from doing it in the car will damage the cylinder walls if you make the slightest mistake.That will lead to much more money needed to repair the problem.An automotive machinest will be able to remove the remaining part of the plug without head damage or even the helicoil in most cases if it is not messed with.A used head could be an option but they can be bad from the beginning.
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go and talk to your local automotive machine shop thay may have someone that specalizes in removing plugs on the vehicle with great success if not best to pull the head

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