Temperature problem during winter (Corolla 1990)


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Temperature problem during winter (Corolla 1990)


My car : Toyota Corolla 1990 SR5 (2 doors).

Description of the problem : When outside temperature is cold (less than 15F), the temp indicator in my dash indicates that the motor doesn't reach the normal operating temperature. This is happening when the car is in movement. On the other hand, if the car doesn't move, the temperature will be reached, but it will drop once I move fast.

Also, when the indicator says the motor isn't hot enough, there's no heat at all that comes from the ventilation. Heat will be back when I let the car run without moving and let the temp reach normal status.

I do not have this problem during summer, when it's not freezing.

Before assuming the only component failure is the thermostat, anyone could tell me what could be involved here?


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Your thermostat is ...

more than likely stuck open. By opening and closing, the thermostat helps keep the engine at correct operating temperature. When it goes bad, it will either stick open or closed. If it sticks open, then your engine will be slow to warm up and won't stay at operating temp. If it were to stick closed, then the car usually overheats because the coolant can't flow to the radiator.

On most cars they aren't hard to change or get to.

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