Some quick transmission questions


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Some quick transmission questions

Hey all,
I know this isn't repair, but I've gotten such great help from this site I figured I'd try these questions...
I've got a little workbook I've got to fill out for college and I'm stuck on a few of the questions I'm hoping someone can help me out!...
The teardown was based on a Saginaw 4 speed, but I think these questions are general enough that they should apply to any transmission...

1. What part of the synchronizer assembly directly actuates the blocker ring?

2. If the front seal is leaking and the transmission is installed, what powertrain component can be affected, and what symptom would it show?

3. What component prevents the shifting of two gears at the same time?

4. What are two possible reasons for a repetitive rear transmission oil seal leak?

5. What are 5 locations where transmission fluid may leak out?

6. If the second speed gear in the COUNTER shaft is damagaed, how can it be repaired?

7. What are two reasons why thrust washers are used in the countershaft, as opposed to having it press fit in the housing?

8. Why are the synchros splined to the mainshaft, and the speed gears are not?

Thanks so much everyone!
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Much as I would like to help I can't because you will not learn what you need to.If you enter the automotive field you will always be tested on your knowledge by ASE or your employer to land a job and I will not be there to help.My suggestion would be to reread the chapters you did not understand and search for the answers.Any help you may get would nullify the reason for learning in the first place.The test or study is for you to learn the material in question not me or someone else on the forum.I hope you understand my position on this matter.If you want the long version of why I feel this way pm me ridelikehell.

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