F-250 keeps stalling


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F-250 keeps stalling

I have a '97 F-250 Diesel that just started to run bad. I can go and try to start it and it will run for a few seconds and then die. I can restart it and it will run for a few seconds and die. Try again and it might not start at all. Then it may be running great the next time. I replaced the fuel filter but don'e know what else to do. Saw something about air in fuel injecter pump but don't know how to check or what to do about that.
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what was your oil presure like before this happend on some models the injectors are controled by oil psi. there is a low psi switch and a high psi switch and regulator youmay have to get the truck scaned for Data to see what the high psi is i beleave it should scan for aprox 200 psi on crank
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F-250 keeps stalling

Just corrected a 1997 f350 7.3 p/s with this problem by replacing the camshaft position sensor.
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If you put on the filter w/ no diesel in the filter, yes you have a tremendous amount of air in the system. You need to locate the purge valve, which is a valve that looks like the end of a valve stem on a tire. It is normally either on the line coming to the injector pump, on the filter assembly, or at the injector pump. You need to take off the filter and fill it to the top w/ diesel. Then you need to turn the key to run and push the center of the valve with a small screwdriver until diesel flows out w/ no air. It should start then and will run very rough for 5-10 mins until it purges the air.

If it does not start, then you will have to manually purge each injector line. Locate the coupling that connects the fuel line to the injector from the injector pump, crack each line about 1/4 to 1/2 turn while cranking the engine. Do this to each injector. Trick: You close the coupling before you stop cranking. Don't crank for more than 30sec at a time. So start cranking, open, close, stop cranking. Let starter rest for about 2 mins between cylinders so you don't overheat it.

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