how to bleed the brakes on a 97 ford expedition


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how to bleed the brakes on a 97 ford expedition

i just replaced on brake hose on a 97 ford expedition , the brke fluid had all run out but i filled it up i cant get the padle from touching the floor ,how do i bleed it
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Try this...

Manual Bleeding
Pressure bleeding is recommended for all hydraulic systems. However, if a pressure bleeder is unavailable, use the following procedure. Brake fluid damages painted surfaces. Immediately clean any spilled fluid.

1. Remove vacuum reserve by pumping brakes several times with engine off.
2. Fill master cylinder reservoir with clean brake fluid. Check fluid level often during bleeding procedure; do not let reservoir fall below half full.
3. Loosen, then slightly retighten bleeder valves at all four wheels. Repair any broken, stripped or frozen valves at this time.
4. Start with the furthest wheel from the master cylinder. (Passenger Rear, Driver's Rear, Passenger Front, Driver's Front)
5. Place transparent tube over bleeder valve, then allow tube to hang down into transparent container. Ensure end of tube is submerged in clean brake fluid.
6. Instruct an assistant to slowly depress brake pedal one time and hold.
7. Crack open bleeder valve, purging air from cylinder. Retighten bleeder screw and slowly release pedal.
8. Wait 15 seconds, then repeat steps 7 and 8. Repeat these steps until all air is bled from system.
9. Repeat steps for next wheel in order.
10. If pedal is still "spongy" and not firm, repeat steps beginning at #4.

This information was copied from a reply to another thread. I don't like to take credit for other people's typing. :-)

Please see:

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