Weird stuff in Toyota land!


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Weird stuff in Toyota land!

I have a Toyota 1999 Tacoma 4X4 V6 TRD.
Today I decided to get things ready for winter, so I put in a new battery, spark plugs ($65.00 for six, ouch) which are the Denso titanium tip recommended by Toyota as the best. Drove the truck about 90 miles when I remembered I had a New can of injector cleaner that I had not used. Up to this point it was running great!
I have never used injector cleaner in this vehicle (80,000 miles). I was dead on empty so I dumped in the injector cleaner and filled it up at a "Sheet's" (no water in gas problem there). The place is extremely high volume.
After the truck sitting for about an hour I started to drive . It was like an old lady you are stuck behind, it just didn't want to move, like there was a 3000 lb weight in the bed. As I drove home, approximately 30 miles it started to get a little better! What gives? Open to ideas?
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Sounds like your injectors got clogged with some of the residue from running low on fuel. A great source of Toyota related info, with vehicle specific forums, is Tundra Solutions. There's even a forum for your Tacoma. Here's a link to the forums: Tundra Solutions forum

Good luck. There is a great deal of knowledge on that site. I used to own a Highlander and it was an excellent resource.


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