92' Roo Legacy f. brake pad replacement


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92' Roo Legacy f. brake pad replacement

Hey all. My question is about installing new brake pads on my Uncle's 92' Subaru Legacy. I don't usually like messing around with any kind of brake work what-so-ever, but his car is barely able to stop and the screeching is so terrible its unbearable. Anyways, I really don't know anything about Subaru's or their brake systems being as that I own a Honda Accord and my entire auto knowledge intake has been devoted towards it for the last 8 months. I really only have a couple quick questions for y'all. First off, the car has 14" rims and we've already priced the new pads for it.(Advanced Auto w/ an amazing deal-$17.98 w/ lifetime warr. for the front pads) Although its probably a simple proceedure, I'm worried that when we get the tire & old pads off that I'm going to spot other problems with the braking system. This would pose a problem since funds are extremely tight and we're limited to only replacing the pads. I'd like to know if there will be any part traps or roadblocks when doing the install and what else might be warped to the tune of immediate replacement.(besides the obvious rotor turn) Does anyone think this will be a smooth install without many hitches because we cannot afford for the car to be up on stands until other parts can be obtained. Please let me know which troubleshooting areas to be aware of. Thanks for any answers or advice ya'll, me and my uncle Ed greatly appreciate all or any advice.
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If it's been screeching for a while and has next to no braking power, it's probably been metal-on-metal for a while and there's a very good chance the rotors will be damaged beyond repair by turning. Try looking through the slots in the wheel or from the back side to see if you can see the rotor surfaces. Otherwise pull the wheel off and give them a good look. Will probably have to bite the bullet for replacement rotors, but they'll be cheaper than the accident that's waiting to happen.
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Hello, I have a '92 Loyale and I would assume that they are similar. As far as the pad change, the only thing that isn't straight forward on these are the calipers. On the side that pushes to make it squeeze there should be an adjustment screw that is incorporated into the pad holder. It compensates for the wear of the pads. You'll need to screw that back into the caliper, before putting the pad back in. There is a special tool that Subaru makes to do this, but, you could probably do it with a pair of needle nose vise grip pliers or something similar. It turns a little dry, but, it is workable. Be careful to not tear the seal around it though. Of course you will need the usual metric wrenches and sockets, I think its 17mm on the caliper itself. I usually just replace the rotors where you can get them so cheap nowadays, they really aren't worth turning anymore and risking the usual steering wheel shake. Well, thats my 2 cents worth.
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