Accord swap possiblities?


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Accord swap possiblities?

Hey all motor enthusiests, its D-Shiznit back w/ another question for ya'll? I own a 90' Accord EX w/ the ****ty F22 series engine. Its a 5 speed manual at least and its got a little snort at the pedal, but I need more hp at the wheels than this engine can offer. I've never owned an import before so starting out I didn't realize the engine on my ride doesn't offer much in the way of after market tuning. I'm lucky I found this out before I went and dropped a bundle on every bolt-on I could find. I did throw a air intake(modest to say the least) and brand new radiator on it and I dropped a pretty penny for its custom cat-back welded exhust. This is one plus since the cat-back is more than keepable. My main question is I'm obvously planning on doing a swap, but I'm not quite sold on the H22 yet since I've heard both good and bad about it. I'd like to know what other engine swaps are available and acctually conceivable for my Accord? Lets keep $ a factor here cause I'd really like to have enough funds left over to get an ECU, Ignition Kit, new injectors, new rail, f. press. reg., a good cold air intake, short shifter, clutch, pulley, struts & springs, sway bar, big brake kit, camber kit, and so on and so forth. Not to mention I'll need new belts and an external coil w/ the H22. Oh, and a new wiring harness. So all in all I need lots of **** for my ride, but I know I can get certain parts at factory $. I figure I'd be willing to drop $1700 for the engine but it better come with the ex headers, int manifold, pow steering pump, etc. etc. I've been wondering if the K-series(acura) engine could be done, or even the B18C or D-series. I know the K-series ain't cheap, but you'd be suprised on the deals I'm able to find when I try. I plan to do the swap myself and some lots of loot for other parts so if I'm working with a $5000 to $6000(for everything) range what would my best choice for the swap be. Remember I'm wanting whp from the stock engine and the best modification capability possible. This will also surely include forced induction sometime down the road. How bout it guys, got and good suggestions?
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I have seen an H22A H23 motor and 5 Speed transmission from a Prelude
being used
good luck and have fun with this one

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