mustang drum brakes


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mustang drum brakes

On my 90 Mustang 5.0 LX I just did the rear pads. What do I need to do to properly adjust them, is it as simple as drivin in reverse and then braking hard? Thanks. Also how can I tighten my ebrake up
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Yes these drum brake "shoes" are adjusted by making a number of stops in forward and reverse
You can manually adjust them but it's usually not needed
Your parking brake adjustment is sort of underneath the handle
You'll probably have to take some trim off
There are two different kinds but they both involve loosening the locking nuts and pulling the cable to where you want it (slight drag on drums when wheels - w/rear up on jack stands - rotated)
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Properly adjusting your rear brakes will usually bring your parking brake("e brake") back to normal. (provided it was ok to begin with) So start out by adjusting the rears and then if the parking brake is still not where you like it, then go ahead and adjust the cable.

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