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2001 Ford Escape

Ok, sorry but this is for a 2002 Escape, not the explorer.
I have a 2002 Ford Escape with the engine light on. I had the computer read and it's giving me a code P0442 which is an EVAP system leak. Does anyone have any idea of what I could check in order to track down the leak? any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.

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Check your gas cap for starters; beyond that it gets a little more intensive. The evaporative system captures fuel vapors from the gas tank in a charcoal cannister, usually in the engine compartment, and then sends the vapors on into the intake thorugh a purge line to be burned with normal engine operation. I would assume you'll need to be looking for a disconnected/broken/leaking piece of the plumbing in the system.

Might want to pick up a Chilton or Haynes manual to help troubleshoot or if you are goiong to have the vehicle for a while a subscription to Alldata at www.alldata.com (which is your best route).

And BTW, that will be a warranty item - take it to the nearest Ford dealer.

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Excellent, thanks for your help. I wasn't quite sure if it would be a warranty item or not. i knew the light was on when i just took it in for the emissions test for my PA inspection and they gave me the code...the garage i took it to couldn't fix the problem so i was going to give it a shot but i think this time, i'll just take it to a dealer if it's covered by warranty. Thanks again for your help.

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