New Quest Van struck by lightening.


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Question New Quest Van struck by lightening.

I will make this as short as possible. 8 month old van struck by lightening, all computers, etc.. shot. stayed in dealership shop 3 1/2 MONTHS. Got it back 4 days ago, after driving 8 hours with it and it would not start next day. Towed it in to home town Nissan dealer. Not yet know what is wrong. But, if it is lightening continuance, does anyone know any facts on how an auto fair after being burnt, especially with all the electronic in the 2004 Nissan quest? I hear I should push to have it totaled, it will never be the same, always have problems, can not be trusted. Trade it in quick! And if it keeps having these problems, Nissan SAID, quote " All warrenties will eventually be null and void because of the damage. That their tells me they think it is no good! To total it has to prove 75% of value of the van. $7,000.00 so far in repairs, do not know what it will be this time, and if its a few thousand each time, it would soon reach 75% of $31,000.00 value when it went off the lot 8 months ago. Help! Sincerely, Janet
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you may need a legal opinion...

...and at least do some searching on the web about the repair history of vehicles subsequent to a catastrophe like this.

the other thing you need to look at is the value of the warranty if it is declared null and void due to an act of god. you payed (or are paying for it monthly) when you purchased the vehicle. warranty left on a vehicle if you were to decide to trade or sell it adds value...that value needs to be considered here. again...i think you need a legal opinion and alot may hinge on why it wouldn't start. if it's more electronics...i think the handwriting is on the of luck to you.
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lightening struck quest, home now.

Attention "carguyinva". It is Thursday, got the van back today and found out that it was because of an electronics problem, that probably should have been noticed before it left the last dealership in KY. The key my husband has was not compatiable after all the confusion, but my key was. When I had arrived home Sunday night, he desided to go to the store to get a gallon of milk, used his key and the vans "check engine light" came on, then would not start. Had to be reprogramed and it was fine after that. I do not know what to think, and really like this van. I am thinking about waiting to see IF or when it does this the next time ( 3 is a charm, DUH) to push about getting it totaled. Right now it is mainly one insodent and this second one seems very connected with work that was not completed the first time. It has not gotten bad enough to raise as much cain as I think i would need to in order for the van to be totaled right now. and I am to honest just to try and trade it in somewhere knowing someone who would be so happy and excited to have it, would maybe be dissapointed. IF not, i would always wonder. Wish me luck, or pray for me, which ever you feel works best for you. I prefer prayer for myself. Thanks Janet
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