Stalls when it's wet outside


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Stalls when it's wet outside

Cousin has a Chevy Malibu, 3.1 V6 engine. It's stalling when it's raining or just plain wet outside. No other symptoms, runs fine, no bad idle, No engine light, no problem once it's warm. She runs it for about 2-3 minutes and then it stalls when accelerating.

I've changed the wires and plugs already but I want another opinion before I look to the module or coils because of the price of those parts. Also I'm a bit confused because the car will start and run for 2-3 minutes fine before it acts up.

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try sa spray bottel with water and spray the coils and module and see if it starts to stumbel
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Going from bad to worse...

Now the car stalls pretty frequently. The spray bottle did not seem to make much of a difference, but I'm still getting that 2-3 minutes of good run time before It starts to stall. Walk away for 10 minutes and restart and it gives me my 2-3 minutes again. Even idling in the garage it's stalls...

Tried reving it up a bit and it runs hard as it's trying to stall. I was going to have the module tested but everyone's telling me I can't test that particular one. One of the coils looks a bit rusted on the connector, figure I'll replace that one at least it needs it.

How do you test if it's getting fuel on one of these?

Thanks for any help!
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Is it possible that a remote car starter could be causing this? Will just flipping the switch to off fix it?
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Remove the remote start completely before continuing don't just flick the switch.I wish I had a dollar for every one I've had to remove.My opinion is aftermarket remote starts and alarms are junk.If you have a rusted connection both sides of the connection need repaired or replaced not cleaned up and looking good.Test for fuel pressure with a guage attached to the test port by the alternator.
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Thanks for the info! To me, that seems like the problem and I'm going to remove it tonight. Also I've had reports from like 4 other people that they were causing the same issue in their cars. Of course, my cousin didn't agree with my diagnosis so called around to the shops that install them and they said "No, we've never heard of them causing stalling issues" which of course I promptly chuckled at. I then talked to my uncle who runs his own garage and he said the exact same thing that you did, which is that they are junk. I'll pull it tonight and let you know. Thanks!

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