rear end nioses in 94 toy truck


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Question rear end nioses in 94 toy truck

Hello, hoping someone can help me out. I have a 94 toyota pick-up that has been making a few noises. Started around April as a faint rattle sound coming from the back end of the truck. Then went to a bird chirping kinda noise. Took to shop, cause told it maybe the back brakes. Told they are fine. just needed cleaned. Sound stopped for a few days. Then over time the Bird got worse. He chirped forward and backwards. Now it has went from my pet birdy to a sheet metal rattling kinda noise. not sure where it's coming from, but do know that it's loader now. It does not do this all the time, but seems to do it the most after you have repressed the gas to speed back up. also have noticed a conection with the fact it stops when you press the clutch. Does anyone have any thpughts for what to look for and when to start to look? IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY.
please help,
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This might be a long shot, but I think I would check all the assorted brackets and connections in your exhaust system. You may have a loose bracket of some kind rattling (could also be the muffler coming apart inside). The chirping could be a loose bracket rubbing metal-on-metal with the exhauast parts or the frame.
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Smile Bird Scarer needed in 94 Toyota

Hello Gailgonenuts

This is one of those noises that u will have to do a process of elimination to isolate the noise, as it is quite hard to say (without hearing the noise what it may be)

This procedure allows you to get under your Pikup and find the noise in a safe way that protects you. Please be safe and do not place yourself in a dangerous situation while doing this, Think before u do anything and then double think again about what u r doing.

1 - If you have access to a garage pit, place pikup over the pit, jack the rear wheels of the ground and using safety stands or blocks of wood chock the rear (Chasis) so it cannot come down on you (Chock the front wheels as well) Safety, Safety, Safety.

If u do not have a pit u will have to make do on a solid surface that will not give way with the weight of your pikup on the jack.

2 - Check the Oil Levels of your G/Box, Transfer Case and Rear Differential looking for Low Oil Levels and or Shiny Metallic Oil, which may indicate damage in one of the mentioned. ( If shiny metallic oil, consult a Drive Line Specialist as these are major jobs if u have not overhauled one before.

3 - Inspect your Tailshaft and look closely at the shroud that is on the front of the Tailshft (Rear of Gearbox) to see if that has been damaged and is rubbing on the G/Box Extension Housing.
If it is damaged open it up so it isnt rubbing anymore.

If you have a centre bearing check this for wear and excessive movement.
Shake the Tailshaft by pushing up and pulling down, Sideways, and look to see if the Universal Joints have any movement in them, if so remove the T Shaft and replace the worn Universal Joint/s.

4 - With the Pikupś Rear Wheels in the air and Pikup chocked with Safety Stands or Wood Blocks start your engine, select first gear and let your rear wheels turn overwith your engine idling. Listen for the noise and pinpoint it.

Warning - Remember that the TailShaft is spinning DO NOT Touch your Tailshaft or Wheels.

If you cannot make the noise you can raise your engine Revs, and apply your brakes gently (on,off) as well as applying your handbrake gently,(2-3 clicks) this in effect is acting simarly to you driving on the road.

Hopefully you will hear the noise and Pin Point it and then once you know this you can ask for advice on the problem.

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