2000 Neon cuts off when turn signal light out


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2000 Neon cuts off when turn signal light out

I have a 2000 Plymouth Neon. One day the turn signals started flashing very fast - I was told that this was because one of the turn signal lights in the back were out, but I did not have a chance to replace it. A few days later the car started cutting out for no reason. It would cut out all of a sudden with no warning. It started right back up, but would cut off again in another 10-20 minutes of driving. One time it shut off and as I drifted to the side of the road it started right back up - without me turning the key. The dash lights also would "flash" and the gas level indicator would drop to nothing (even when there was plenty of gas) - this happened during the same few days of my problems, but NOT at the time the car was cutting off.
I had the alternator checked and it was fine and the check engine light was NOT on at any time. I thought it might be the ignition switch???

Anyway, I was stumped as to what it was, but replaced the turn signal light and it fixed everything - no more cutting off, no more flashing lights. I called Don White's Car Center (the Plymouth dealer in Baltimore I bought the car from) and they say that it was "normal" for the electronics in the car to go haywire if a light is out. - I DON'T BELIEVE THEM. Again, the car is fixed, but this can't be "normal". Were they just BS'ing me or were they right?
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Its "normal" for them to deny that anything could possibly be wrong with one of their cars.
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having worked on a tone of neons myself, I have never before seen this happen to any vehicle due to a blown bulb
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