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'87 Dodge Colt transmission woes

I have a 1987 Dodge Colt Premier Turbo, automatic transmission, with (only) 106,000 miles on it. My problem is that while the engine runs fine (there is a high-pitched whining sound), the car literally will not move an inch in any gear. Obviously I have serious transmission woes, but what I cannot understand is why the car, out of gear and parking brake off, cannot even be pushed by a person on level ground (actually, it is ever so slightly downgrade, but the vehicle remains rooted to the spot). It has been there for months now, but wouldn't move from the first day.

The car was good until, while accelerating, I heard a popping sound and the car began coasting (like it was out of gear). The transmission had been rebuilt once, maybe 18 months and 15,000 miles previous. Now, while this isn't something I can really do myself, I would greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions on what is wrong with this car and how to proceed. The vehicle condition is otherwise excellent and we need it drivable, if only short trips. Anything I can do or check myself (rule certain problems out, etc.) would therefore be a great help.

My immediate question is why this car won't move, and if there is anything I can do myself to at least solve this little problem?

Thank You,

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Are you sure the brakes aren't simply rusted preventing the car from moving? We tow cars all the time with that problem. Some of them are so rusted that you can strap them to the wheel lift and drag them down the driveway with the trailing tires squeeling. Sometimes they will unstick with some back and forth rocking and sometimes we have to give up and drag it onto the flatbed.

Likely going to need a tranny shop for the drive problem. Might consider asking the previous shop; I would expect more than 18 mo/15,000 miles on the rebuild if it was done properly.
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By the sounds of it, you've broken something inside the tranny. It will be nearly impossible for anyone to tell you what in this format. What you need to do is just have it towed to a RELIABLE-HONEST transmission shop for diagnosis.
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With the car in neutral, parking break off, all wheels should be able to rotate so if you want to see which wheel(s) are stuck, you can jack it up, one wheel at a time and try to turn each wheel by hand.
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Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.

The brakes could well be rusted, I know for sure they were ready for replacement when the transmission failed. I hadn't thought of anything like that, since the "rooted to the pavement" problem appeared at the exact same time the transmission died. Presumably it would have moved freely immediately prior to that event, though of course I have no idea the last time I may have tried to push the car or anything. So, I really don't know.

I'm going to jack the car up, one wheel at a time, Monday afternoon to see what will rotate and what won't.

A RELIABLE-HONEST transmission shop is what I needed last time and I wouldn't be having this problem. So I'm not sending the car back to the last shop (I've since heard nothing but bad things). It should indeed have went much longer than it did; there were no signs whatsoever of a problem before it failed. The original transmission went over 90,000 miles (and I can assure you, it wasn't serviced much in the interim), the rebuild 15,000.

Of course, I wish there could be something simple which broke, easily repairable by even me, but I know better...

Thanks to everyone,

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