Accord'92: Mitsuma or Denso starter?


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Accord'92: Mitsuma or Denso starter?


I am trying to get new brushes for the starter motor for my Honda Accord '92, manual, 2dr LX. As I've learned there are two kinds of starters: Mitsuba and Nippondenso. How do I tell which one I have? Will Nippondenso brushes fit Mitsuba starter motor?

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The dealer should tell you with the VIN number.
There should also probably be a sticker on the starter.
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This is your 7th post about this starter.Please keep any futher posts together regarding the same problem.You have been advised to replace the entire starter as the best option and I tend to agree.No one has been able to offer any reasonable source for brushes so please don't keep asking how to find them.Sometimes things just are not available to the general public.Go to a starter generator shop show them the starter and tell them you want brushes for it over the counter.If they don't have them nobody will.

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