exhaust smell


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exhaust smell

any ideas
I have a 1993 buick lesabre 3.8 v6 with 119000miles. lately when i start the vehicle i get this really bad exhaust smell. No its not a rotten egg smell its a
exhaust smell. any ideas
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Step one is check for leaks any where in the system.Are any lights on or fluids being consumed by the car?
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no lights,or fluids being consumed
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One thing you can check is whether or not the exhaust gases are being fed back through the air cleaner via the heat stove tubing. This is a short flexible metal pipe that runs from the exhaust manifold up to the air cleaner, allowing the warmer exhaust gasses to re-enter the intake manifold.

If for some reason this tubing has come loose, then it's possible you could be getting the exhaust smell coming back into the car - especially if your running your temperature controls with A/C set to normal or vent.

I had the same problem with my vehicle. I had replaced the air filter, and did not notice that the heat stove tube had come loose from the exhaust manifold. My wife kept saying she smelled exhaust and gas. Simply slipping the tube back into position resolved the issue.

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I had a utility with this problem and it turned out to be the end of the exhaust tail pipe had corroded and the fumes were sucking into the utility.I replaced the tail pipe and the problem was solved.Allan
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If the trunk weatherstrip is damaged or if you have been "tapped" in the rear the exhaust will be drawn inside the pass compartment.

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