F-150 Clunking Sound - Help Me Please!


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F-150 Clunking Sound - Help Me Please!

I have a 2001 Ford F-150 XLT 4x2, Extended Cab, 6' foot bed. 80K miles. The truck has a 5.4 liter engine, automatic transmission and rear disc brakes. I recently purchased it - it's in pretty nice shape overall.

When I'm braking for a light and the truck comes to a complete stop, a clunking sound comes from the rear of the truck. If it doesn't happen when I stop, it may sound when I release the brakes. I especially notice it if I brake hard.

I've taken it to three reputable service centers including the Ford dealership, and no one can seem to figure it out, even after putting it on the rack and giving it a good check out. The responses were "it's a truck...don't worry about it", "No problem found". This is driving me crazy to the point where I want to get rid of the truck. However, I do notice that if I put the transmission into neutral before I come to a complete stop it doesn't make the clunking sound???

Anyone else with a similar experience??? Is this what all trucks with rear disc brakes are like? This is my first truck.

I'm thinking maybe the calipers, but if it were the calipers why doesn't it happen when I throw it into neutral. Bad body mount? Loose transmission mouning bolt (a friend thought that what it might be)? Bad leaf spring/bushing or shock?

They checked the U-joints and said they were okay??

Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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My guess is that the service techs are looking in the wrong place. Take your truck to a reputable transmission shop and have them check it out. I had a Camaro that did the exact same thing as you describe. There was a problem with my transmission, and had something to do with the torque converter and the automatic trans. downshifting into first gear. I'm not a transmission expert, but as it was explained to me, when you put the truck into neutral your unloading the pressure from the torque converter which eliminates the hard bumping (clunk) sound your getting on the 3rd to 1st downshift.

In my case, the trans had to be rebuilt, but it worked perfectly after that. Also, it might be why the guy/gal you bought if from was selling it.


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