inspection ?

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inspection ?

When you take your car to have it inspected, does the shop remove the old inspection sticker before or during the inspection process, or do they wait to do all this after the car passes. I'm asking because I know my car needs a lot of work( not sure what yet) but if I take it there and it's a huge bill and I can't get it done all at once, I may have to do it over a few week period. Some of it I may do myself. Any problems here. FYI the inspection is due in October

Also, while i am here, i had a new muffler installed on my 89 Chevy barretta( 4cyl. 2.0ltr. ?) last year from the catalytic converter to the tailpipe. This year however the catalytic coverter has holes in it and very noisy. Any problems with just changing out the converter and leaving the rest intact.
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I can't say for all states but Pa replaces the stickers after a passing emission and safety inspection.The stickers are not removed prior to replacement in Pa.
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If car fails and still time on sticker it stays. If expired it is removed in NY.
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Smile in va...

...the sticker is removed first, then the inspection is performed and then an approval or rejection sticker is put on the vehicle. if a car is rejected, you have 15 days to correct any defects AND you drive at your own risk. this means that if you get stopped out tooling around, you can be cited for defective equipment. safe vehicles on the road being the goal... you know your car needs work to pass inspection, why did you wait til the end of the month that the inspection is due to worry about procedure? treat this rhetorically if you like...

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