Am I being taken or what?('96 Chevy Corsica fuel pump)


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Question Am I being taken or what?('96 Chevy Corsica fuel pump)

Hi all!!!
Greetings moderator

I need to know if this mechanic is jerking me around. I have a 1996 Chevy Corsica V6 four door and it needs a new fuel pump. First he gave me the estimate of about 250 bucks to replace the pump and that included labor. Now, he says that the fuel pump(while sold separately) can not be replaced without replacing the assembly because its all one piece.

I mean if you can buy the dang thing separate why then cant you replace it without the replacing the assembly. He says that the dealers said the reason was because that is how they make the part. He says that on other cars the connection points can be separated from the part but on this particular car if you separate the connection points you break the dang thing.

I really do not like dealing with mechanics because I am a female and we always get taken.

Oh yeah!...Did I mention that the fuel pump with the assembly would be and extra $300

Please help me.

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I'm not familiar with corsicas, but if I were in your situation, I would call around various chevy dealers and find out. They have been helpful in setting my mechanic woes at ease before.
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I can't tell you for sure about that particular vehicle but that is very common on some GM fuel pumps. Just call the dealer parts dept and ask for the price. It doesn't sound unreasonable. I replaced one on an S10 pickup and the pump alone was almost $600 because it was sold as a complete unit.
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Unhappy Thanks yous guys!!!!!


I checked with the dealership and they said it was true. WOW!!!

Gotta dig deeper in the pockets than I thought.

Thanks for the quick responses.
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Mechanics really don't like dealing with females because they all think we're trying to rip them off.

Sorry, couldn't resist being a little facetious and turning that around.

Most of the mechanics I know are hard-working and as honest as the day is long. The scenario you related is not unusual. It is impossible to remember every part and procedure on every vehicle and if you ask someone for an estimate, you will sometimes run into the case where they forget something important, i.e. that the part is more expensive than thought or the procedure is more labor-intensive. Add to that that the customer is calling on the phone for the price-check while the mechanic has three cars on the racks and two customers standing at his counter and you get the idea.

Want an even bigger shock? Call the dealership back and ask THEM for what it would cost you, parts & labor, to do the job.
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Red face Chalk one up for the good guys

Touche' Touche'

You are absolutely right. The dealership charges $425 for the part alone.

And to tip my hat to mechanics....The Service Manager said that he would stand by his estimate and replace it for the quoted price.

Chalk one up for the good guys.

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