95 Ply Grand Voyager Signal Indicator Problem


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95 Ply Grand Voyager Signal Indicator Problem

My 95' Ply Grand Voyager (92k miles) is having problem with the turn signal. When you flip the lever to signal for a "right" turn, the "arrow" light in the dash start to flash in a high frequency - rapidly blinking ON and OFF. As for the actual outside lights, the FRONT signal light blinks one and off rapidly - much light emergency flashing lights. The corresponding rear light DOES NOT flash at all.

This problem is intermittent - sometimes all is OK, then all of a sudden the mechanism to signal for a RIGHT hand turn goes out of wack - as described above.

Any suggestons??

Thansk to all in advance for replying.

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you need a new bulb in the rear posible the socket check it first
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Sometimes all is OK so if the rear bulb is bad, why does it work sometimes and not others?

I will try replacing the bulb tonight, but I'm curious why this happens?

Thanks for your tip!
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Sometimes the filamant will be broken but occasionally the two halves will touch, completing the circuit. A rough spot in the road may shake them apart or just the heat generated when the bulb is working can cause the filament to sag and seperate. When it cools they may, occasionally, touch together again - driving you nuts. Replace the bulb - it's cheap and easy. Then, if problems persist, let us know.

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