Best window cleaner???


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Question Best window cleaner???

Any ideas of what the best window cleaner is for automobiles? I find windex and other household window cleaners leave a film that fogs over rather quickly in cool or damp weather. I see nascar teams use a foam for their windows, granted it is not glass so I don't know if it would work or what it is.

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You probably have some smoke on the inside of the glass. Try using glass cleaner with a pad of very fine steel wool. Don't press hard, just keep working in circles keeping it wet with just fingertip pressure. Once you've loosened everything that way, wipe it clean with a clean paper towel.
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Look for "Invisible Glass" at Wal-Mart or wherever. Comes in an aerosol can and will be in the automotive section. Best stuff I've found.
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Thank you. I'll give them a try.
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I found using a Micro-Fiber towel with Windex takes away the film. You can also try using "Spray Away" that's what car dealers use.
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Sprayway is, bar none, the best glass cleaner out there. The only problem is that the product is hard to find; here's the manufacturers link:

Just keep in mind, like all other glass cleaners, the product is sensitive to heat or cold temperatures.
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The reason it fogs over is because of the chemicals found in window cleaners.If you clean the glass with plain water that will not happen.You will need to use a few more paper towels though but the fogging problem will be greatly reduced.
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Those micro fiber cloths used with water work very well.

You can find them at Walmart, Costco etc
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A big problem is the dies/chemicals in the towel used with the window cleaner. I get good results using Windex with newpaper. Newspaper doesn't leave streaks.

I try to use pieces that don't have color pictures and not many B&W pictures either.
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We understand about the streaks the question is about fogging of the glass in cold or damp weather.
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I used a water and vinegar mix for inside my motorcycle helmet faceshield. Worked for the fog but I kept getting a longing for a salad.
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Wash your glass windows like you wash a normal glass...use a little ivory soap in water and wash with a normal cotton washcloth. Dry the windows with a cotton towel.
Works very well.
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If you have tint you do not want to use a ammonina type cleaner on the tint part.

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