Help with fuel pump?


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Question Help with fuel pump?

I have a 1996 ford explorer 4 wheel drive v-6 Ok a couple months ago I pulled it into the driveway(it was running fine) shut it off went back out to leave again and it wouldnt start. Well we found out that the emergency shut off switch had came unplugged(it is on the floor at about foot level on the passenger side) we plugged it back in and it ran great. Now I pulled back in the drive way 2 days ago and now it wont start again we checked the plugg again and it is fine( Even took an ome meter to it just in case a wire broke or something) When you turn the key on you can not hear the fuel pump turn on. I had a computer put on it and all it says is low fuel pressure( I already figured that) but I just dont think the fuel pump is out. I know they can go out with no warning and I am problly just being bull headed but its acting just like it did before and has been running very good. The only problem I have been currently having is the bearings on the alternator are starting to sqeak.I have checked all the fuses and they are good. Any suggestions? Or should I just give up and buy a fuel pump. Is there an access panel to get to the fuel pump? I have had people say there is and some say there is not.. I hope there is cause just came from gettin gas when it went thud.. Please help this is the wifes car and now shes driving mine!!!!
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if you think you`re having fuel supply problems, try spraying some starter fluid into the air intake while someone cranks it over, If it wants fuel it will sound like its trying to start.
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Put a fuel pressure guage on the fuel rail and see if it has pressure or not.I will say it seems to me most fuel pumps go bad after refueling because most of the ones I do are full and alot are actually towed from the gas staion.You may want to also check for spark at this point if you have fuel pressure.If you have both of those you need to check for injector pulse.Yes I think you need to pull the tank almost 100% positive on that.
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We have already checked to make sure everything is firing and it is.. And the machine we put on it said low fuel pressure. So I guess its time to just change the pump.. That really sucks about the access panel though.
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Don't forget to replace the fuel filter when you've finished with the pump. Good preventive maintenance.
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Check to see if the pump is getting voltage before you replace it.
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That inertia switch is the last component before the fuel pump so just use a testlight to check for voltage at both side of that switch when the key is cycled on. You will only see power for 3-4 seconds with each key cycle. If you have power there, it's a pretty good indication of a bad fuel pump. The only thing your not checking that way is the connection and the ground right at the pump.
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Ok my wife went and made a fool of herself and begged the truck to start and it did(go figure).. I shut it off and restarted it 3 or 4 times and it ran great not even a miss. I let her drive it (cause she would quit nagging me) she took it to a garage for a computer check and they told her at first that she had 5 bad censors, then it wouldnt start again. Now they say nope its your fuel pump thats bad..Now I dont know what to I have a bad pump and censors or is the machine saying the censors are bad because the pump isnt registering right or the other way around?

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