mustang dynoed


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mustang dynoed

1989, 5.0 cobra upper and lower, .30 over, trickflow heads, e-3030 cam, 24lb injectors (I think, they are light blue) under drive pullies, 75mm tb, cold air induction. Just had the car dynoed didnt do that great, 305 from rear wheel, but as i stood their i saw some black smoke come out the exhaust , they said the fuel was to lean, any suggestions on taking care of this matter, thanks
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Black smoke equals rich exhaust not lean.You may need some type of aftermarket pcm or prom to correct the air/fuel ratio.Maybe the injectors are too big for your combo of parts.Perhaps a Ford guy will offer more advice I don't play with performance stuff anymore because it's not street legal(emissions) here.
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Is that actual rwhp? If so thats pretty good for that combo. It's also approaching the limit of the injectors. What was the leanest fuel ratio. Was it at peak power or across the entire band?

By the way the black smoke when you first mash it is normal.
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305s pretty good there
If it's rich it could be a lot of things with whats been done to the engine
I'd check the fuel pressure
Does it have an aftermarket adjustable fuel pressure regulator?
It may be set too high

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