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Question Shimmy and a shake

So I know my '94 S-10 Blazer's got problems, I'd just like an idea of how bad it is before I head to the mechanic.

The Symptoms:

- I've had problems for about a month now starting my car. She cranks, but takes 3-5 seconds before she'll turn over. And when she does, she doesn't roar to life, but more like sputters and then runs normally. Cold and hot starts both cause problems. She'll turn over fine for about a half hour after I've driven it, but then has problems again after about 30 minutes.

- Very recently, like within the last week, my engine's vibrating pretty significantly. When I'm at idle and accelerating from stop is when the engine vibrates that car most noticibly. Imagine a ceiling fan with a big lump of clay on one of the blades - that's what my car feels like (i.e. out of balance). I hardly notice it once I'm above 20 mph though.

- I've lost power in the higher range of mph. The power's there down low, but above 50 mph, acceleration is very difficult.

So can anyone guess the prognosis? What does the bill look to be? She's getting to the point where I'm tempted to sell her, but my Blazer's worth a little more patience. Thanks for your help.
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I would first look at basic maintenance tuneup items; plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, rotor, fuel filter. Could be something very minor.

Any check engine light?
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Nope, no check engine light. The fuel filter was replaced about a month ago. It had a tune-up about a year ago, but perhaps it is time again.

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