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I read a lot about "additives" that can be added to the gas tank. Are any of these worth using?

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Some will help keep injectors clean but will not clean clogged injectors.Higher quality fuel such as premium has more detergents in it and will also keep injectors clean.There is a relatively new gasoline called top tier that is stated to keep fuel systems clean.Are you trying to fix something with an additive?
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Let me start with the statement there is "No such thing as a mechanic in a can". That being said, some do have a value, usually more as a preventative than a cure. Some of the fuel cleaners, dry gas, gas stabilizers and the old stand by's like STP oil treatment and it's competitors. Most of the leak sealers merely have something in them that makes rubber swell giving the "illusion" that you have fixed something. They do more damage than good. This also applies to radiator sealants. If they can plug up a small hole that's leaking, just think what they do to the rest of the small passages that the radiator and heater rely on. I will endorse the "friction modifiers" sold for differentials and transmissions. They actually work.

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