88 Honda Accord Car Trouble


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Exclamation 88 Honda Accord Car Trouble

I have an 88 Honda Accord that "bucks and stalls" after driving about 30 minutes. I start it back up, and it runs okay for another 30 minutes or so. It is like something resets itself. I have changed both fuel filters. I have replaced both the ignition coil and pickup coil. The car has new plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, and rotor. Does anyone know what is causing this problem?
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Possibly the main relay under the dash is going bad.There have been many times on this forum about them causing stalling or no starts.Perhaps someone with more info on Hondas can offer more help when they stop in here.
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Off hand it sounds like you're losing fuel pressure/volume. My '86 Accord did this just before fuel pump failed for good. You didn't say how many miles or if you're the original owner and know the maintenance history of the vehicle.

First step is to check and see if you hear the fuel pump come on when you turn the key to the "on" position. The pump is located under an access panel in the trunk behind the left rear seat. If that checks good, you need to check pressure while idling and driving. You can usually rent a fuel pressure gauge from AutoZone, Pep Boys, etc.

If this sounds like a lot of trouble and you still want to "throw parts at it", a pump is relatively inexpensive and not too difficult to replace.

Another "problem" on Honda's is the ignition igniter located just on the underside of the distributor. When they get hot, they start to fail intermittently. Once they cool down, they'll work again for awhile. A bit expensive, but relatively easy to replace. You really need a wiring diagram, ohmeter and some knowhow to troubleshoot these. And they don't always check bad during the process.


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brother had same problem

he replaced pump and didnt work, he cleaned corroded ground wire off pump,didnt work....found out the fuel pump fuse, when it would get hot, would break connection...when it cooled would start right up again...30 cent fuse did the trick and is running great ever since..try it...its WORTH the try..or put a meter on it and heat it up with a solder gun and see if it breaks...his did...cold read good....blew our minds after doing all the extra work...
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to help you out I had a similar problem with my 91 Accord.. It would start and when it heated up it wouls stall out. I had to replace the fuel pump and still happened. Hear is the fix.

There is a relay under the dash replace it or you can open it up and resolder the connection. What is happening is once the car heats up the connection is breaking and causing the car to stall once the car cools off it will start again...

Good Luck
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88 Honda Accord stops running

Where is that relay under the dash? What does it look like?
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The relay is on the driver side under the dash on the left side of the car about half way up .. Mine was gold in colour but it also could be grey new one was grey.... I do believe it was $90.00 CDN at Honda.. Dealer only part....

Good Luck..
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Honda had a big problem with that main relay. When manufactured its a cold dip assembly solder and the solder point or points develope a hairlind crack and after power is on for a while that crack opens up and breaks contact.
Depending on which relay that the point is bad on will affect the problem from dieing and reving up on its own to a engine shut down. After it cools down will work again.
Option 1. remove and put a solder iron on all solder points or with a big magnifyer look carfully and you sometimes can see the bad solder point and just do that one.
option 2. buy a new one from the dealer (I don't recamend a used one unless its free)
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