Critters in the Windstar


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Cool Critters in the Windstar

Last nite I bought some Hersheys kisses, had a few on the way home and left them in the van (locked), a 1998 Windstar. This morning when I got in the van, all the kisses, wrappers too, were gone, and it was a big bag. Similar thing happened last year to a Hersheys chocolate bar, though the wrapper was left then.

Seems something is getting inside the vehicle, probably mice. Does anyone know if there might be someplace to check where the critters are getting in? And any ideas how to keep them out? Or are there numerous spots where a determined little chocaholic mouse could squeeze in and I should just not leave food in the car.

Thanks for any advice.
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you figured it out...

...don't leave sweets in there. esp if you live in a rural area AND at this time of year when nesting is going on. they get in thru the HVAC system and you can't block it off to prevent their entry without compromising the way the system works.
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Thanks for your input. I just couldn't believe they took every one, wrappers and all. Hope they are enjoying it! And I've got a funny story to tell.

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