Tractor Wiring


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John Dillon
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Tractor Wiring

Recently bought a 1952 8N (it had been converted to 12V system) and was in the process of changing the oil when I got the wire going from the ignition/battery to the alternator pinched in the oil filter cap. It was hidden so I couldn't see it. Went to start it up and the pinched wire caused all of the wiring to burn up (melted all the covering).

I replaced the wiring that was fried- the wire from the alternator to the resistor (the part that was fried from the oil filter to the resistor) and the ignition (the ignition wires were fried from the ignition to the ammeter and from the ignition to the resistor). I assumed that since none of the other wires were fried, they were OK??

However, after I replaced the wire and went to start her up, nothing...just the very slightest tiny click about every 3 times I turned the key.

Could I have fried the battery or starter or ammeter??? There are no fuses, correct?

Please help, I haven't even had a chance to drive it around for more than 2 minutes since I bought it.

Annother note: The wiring had a diode connected coming out of the resistor that went to the alternator. I've been told that a diode isn't needed with a 12V system. I tried wiring it with a new diode and without....neither worked.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Make sure the battery is fully charged.From the description of what occured I would check the ignition switch first.Then continue testing with a testlight at all connections in the crank and run positions until you find the voltage loss.I don't think the starter or battery got fried,the ammeter maybe.I doubt if there are fuse if there were it shouldn't have needed rewired after the short unless the wrong fuse was used.
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A diode only passes current in one direction. Maybe you have installed it backwards.
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Originally Posted by GregH
A diode only passes current in one direction. Maybe you have installed it backwards.
Not necessarily true. If this was a zener diode, it could have been used to as a voltage regulator for whatever the original voltage used to be. explaination better than I
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John Dillon
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I tried charging the battery, but it wouldn't charge. Put in a new battery and wiring (with new diode) and it's working well.

Thanks everyone for your input!

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