94 ACCORD EX ABS light


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Question 94 ACCORD EX ABS light

My GF 94 Accord has teh ABS light on all the time after teh first use of teh brakes..... someonoe told me to check for the codes...... can anyone please l;et me know how do i chekced the codes..... Appreciate the help
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I would probably go to the dealer for this one... most shops can't read the ABS codes (at least the ones I tried).
Honda's ABS system for that car is under high pressure. Not only that you'll need a special tool to open the system, you also need a Honda scanner to work on the system (at least that's what I was told). It's probably a bad wheel sensor however...
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....first....there's no reason to open the system so don't worry about high oressure at this point. any shop ought to be able to read codes as that system uses flash codes. find the check connecter under the right side (looks like two connecters not plugger together) of the dash and plug them together and the ABS lamp will begin to flash...post the numbers here and they can be deciphered...here's an example...1 flash followed by a pause followed by 3 flashes would be a 13.

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