Battery Drain and Short Circuit


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Arrow Battery Drain and Short Circuit

I have a 1979 Ford F-150. The Dash lights recently went out. Suspected the fuse was blown. It was. However, any replacement fuse blows immediately upon pulling light switch to on. And, since then, if the truck sits for more than 2 days, the battery is drained sufficiently so as not to start. If driven every day, it will start. However the alternator and battery are relatively new. And my gage inside indicates that the alternator is charging correctly. My analysis is that there is a short somewhere that is draining the battery. Anyone, would you say that these two problems are related? And how do I go about troubleshooting them, whether related or not?
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likely they are...

...but assume that they aren't. disconnect the negative battery terminal and put a test light in series with the cable...the light should light if you have a significant current draw (which it sounds like you do).

now...reconnect the batt cable and inside the vehicle...disconnect the cluster wiring connecter and see if a fuse will still blow...if it does, then the problem is in the wiring from the headlamp switch to the cluster (look for places where the wire harness may be rubbed into) OR the headlamp switch is bad.

once you have located and repaired the short to ground that is causing the fuse to blow, go back to the first test with the test light at the battery cable and light means that the problems were related...test light still have another problem.
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I have seen a few switches bad in these units usuley have to change the pigtail also you might want to check there also

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