2000 Montana


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2000 Montana

Recently my heater fan has been acting up! When you turn the fan Knob from 0-5 the fan doesn't start blowing at all until you get to 4. What could possibly be wrong?? If the fan motor had a problem wouldn't it not work at all instead of just working on the high settings? Does anybody have a suggestion on what is wrong, any help would be greatly appreciated !!!

Thanks in advance,
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sounds like the resistor card may be bad
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or the switch...

...it should be checked with a test light. or...try removing the resistor, it's located near the blower motor, and look at it...it's obvious when they fail because they burn up...these fail pretty regularly
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Where do I find the resister card? Is this something I can do myself ?Do I need to take the dash apart to get to fan motor?

Thanks in advance for all your help !!

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Under the right side of the dash by the blower motor.Fairly easy job to do.

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