transmission not smooth


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transmission not smooth

my 98 windstar transmission has 72000 on it and i have changed the transmission fluid and filter at about 55000 miles. it still has times where it shifts pretty shuggish,not real bad, but not like i feel it should.sometimes it sort of clunks,not a hard clunk ,its hard to explain. it doesnt seem to use any fluid to access at all or leak .i never ad any. its just not as smooth as i think it should be.any thoughts? its been doing this since 55000, has not really changed much since i changed filter and fluid.i think it is an axod,my door code says L.
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Probably time to get it checked at a tranny shop. Hold your breath; Ford trannies of that vintage would never win any engineering awards.
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definately get it checked... it sounds as if you may be describing a pressure related problem...and if you keep driving it hoping for it to get better, you may trash the whole thing. pressure control solenoids fail alot in automatic transmissions. caught soon enough, you can save $1500 - $2000

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