Transmission issue?


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Arrow Transmission issue?

Ok, check it out. This is my ride:

1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera S
4-door sedan
automatic transmission
3.3L v-6 FI
mileage: 214,000+

Considering the mileage, she still rides like a dream . The only issue is if you brake a little too hard or have too sit for a minute (like at a stoplight), when you step back on the gas, it takes a sec for the gears to catch. And when it does, it jerks into motion. The only way to keep this from happening is to shift into neutral and then back into drive. THen it pulls off the way it should. I can't keep doing this and expect for it to NOT get worse. IT was thought too have something to do with transmission needing to be serviced, so just a month ago the whole thing got flushed. After they changed the fluid and such, the problem still presisted.

Any help that can be given would be much appreciated. I will post to let you know if your solution is successful. Thanks in advance.
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be absolutely sure...

...that the fluid level is correct...don't assume that because someone serviced it that it's ok...double check yourself. if it's not the fluid level, the pump is probably cavitating due to wear and there isn't much short of major overhaul that will help it. 214k is more than that tranny usually goes...
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First of all, when the shop flushed the trans, did they change the filter first or did they just hook up a flush machine, flush it and call it a service?????? Too many of these shops just flush transmissions and dont even bother to drop the pan, change the filter and check the pan for debris. That is the most important part of servicing a transmission.
Check your fluid level hot and on a level surface. If its low, top it off, Otherwise it sounds as though you are either going to have a low line pressure condition due to a faulty pump or a severly leaking input clutch. You are probably looking at rebuilding. This trans has some age to it and the rubber piston seals in the clutches have probably hardened and are leaking.

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good point...

...thanks for the back up!

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