cold weather and battery?


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cold weather and battery?

I have a 2000 Tacoma truck V6, standard 4x4 ect.

Here's the problem:

3 days ago - i left the lights on dead battery - jumped OK and charged
2 days ago, early AM would not start, I had all electronics on but not enough juice to turn engine over (15 degrees) Jumped and all was well.
Today started up in the AM (30 degrees); but in the afternoon (15 degrees) same problem, all electronics but not turn over. No lights were left on ect. No one was around for a jump, so i figured i would plug in my block heater and see if that helped. After an hour, i figured i would try it and it started right up.

Is it the cold or a weak battery? Combination of the 2. The truck has 115K miles and is in AK where cold winters are quite normal.

Any thoughts?
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You should have the electrical system tested but if that battery is original it would be a good idea to replace it at 5 years old.I think it's bad from the description you gave.Buy a high cranking amp battery don't buy an el cheapo or you will be sorry.
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From my past experience batterys do not like to be drained.Almost all the time it kills the battery.Also most batterys these days have a life of only 3-4 years before they become unreliable.
I have found one battery that is better then most and I will buy again once my stock battery goes south and that is the Optima.A great battery but a bit pricey.I had one for 8 years in my truck and traded it in with the same battery.
Dont go for the cheap wallmart on your truck they are junk IMO

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