Buffing It Out


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Buffing It Out

I got some minor scrapes/scratches in a parking lot. The major part of it is a long black mark. I always hear the term "buff it out". What exactly does this refer to. Please explain the tools and techniques involved.


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Normally involves the use of either polishing (fine) or rubbing (coarser) compound and a little elbow grease. Professionals use power buffing equipment. Look for the compounds in the auto section of your local stores with waxes, etc. Follow the directions on the container carefully; you need to ensure you don't rub/buff it too much so as to go through the clear-coat. Try a small scratch in an out of the way location to get the hang of it. If you have paint that has been transferred from another vehicle, try rubbing lightly with a little lacquer thinner on a rag first. Wash the area afterwards.

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