winter storage


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winter storage

Hey, guys. I'm looking for some ideas or tips on storing my son's Chevy S10 Extreme for the winter. I'm in northern Ontario, Can.(cold and lots of snow). He couldn't find decent indoor storage, so he bought a portable garage and is gonnna tarp it as well. Full fuel tank with stabilizer? Wheels off and on blocks?
Thanks for any help.
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The auto experts here can advise you on the best way to prep the vehicle but I can offer a heads up on portable garages.

You have to provide more ventilation than some give you with a tiny screen.
These things have a problem with high humidity and condensation forming on the inside surface everytime the temperature changes.

I use mine as a work shelter and have all the material to beef up the wooden framing for mine, install 1" of styrofoam and sheet the inside with light tin and install a window in the end.

You don't have to go to this extreme for storing a vehicle but increasing the ventilation openings will reduce condensation.
Also, no need to tarp the vehicle, it's just going to trap moisture and scratch the paint.
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Don't tarp it!
Tarps are horrible car covers
They can ruin the finish
A proper breathable car cover if you want to cover it

Other than that your on the right track
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car storage

When the guys in the car clubs store their classics it is common practice to place moth balls or dryer sheets inside the car, trunk, glove box, door pockets etc. to prevent mice from entering also some put steel wool in the exaust pipes. also some in the air cleaner opennings. also leave a list of where you put them in the car for the spring. Also it is a good idea to vacum the car well to remove any food crumbs that might attract critters.

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