fuel pump-'94 Taurus


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fuel pump-'94 Taurus

I replaced the fuel pump in my '94 Taurus wagon about 6,000 miles and 6 months back. At that time, the pump would not start occasionally and it might take 5 or 10 tries or waiting 3-5 minutes to get the pump to run. I replaced the pump not the relay because, the pump had gradually become very loud. The initial 2-second run to pressurize the system was as loud from the drivers seat as the idling engine.

I had no problem after the repair. Now the new pump is as loud as the old pump that had 146,000 miles on it. It always starts, but different then the original pump makes a lot of noise for the first few seconds and seems to quite down after it runs for a while. This is especially noticeable with 1/8 tank or less.

Is a noisy but otherwise functioning pump ok? If always keeping the tank filled to or more will help, that is an easy fix. The pump has a lifetime warranty. Is noise cause for replacement?
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"If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

Seriously though, I've noticed that Fords (for whatever reason) seem to be louder than some other vehicles.

I'd keep the tank at least half full. Keep in mind the pumps are cooled AND lubricated by the fuel and the more you keep 'em submerged the better.


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noisy pump

The replacements seem even noisier
Definetly consider 1/4 tank the "empty" mark, not the "full"

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