Vehicle stalled, and cant get it to start.


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Cool Vehicle stalled, and cant get it to start.

1980 Chevy Caprice ..305 5.0L V8

Vehicle stalled on me, so i called a friend who has some knowledge in automotive technology. He did a compression test( took one of the sparkplugs out and hooked it up) and it gave us 30lbs but it should be over 100 according to my friend, so we took the whole front of the engine off and the cam gear was chipped and the timing cover was damaged on the inside. My friend said that the chain jumped and caused the problem. I purchased the new timing cover, gears, gaskets, and a new water pump. My question is, which piston has to be at TDC? My friend says # 1 piston, but I heard from another friend that the #6 cylinder should be at TDC, so which one is it.
Lastly, we cant get the car to start, we get the car to crank and at times the carburator creates a 3 inch flame off fire, so i guess we have fuel and spark....

OH, and i removed the distributor cap and may have mixed a couple of wires..Can that be the problem?,,,,I been going nuts trying to find the firing order online, if anyone knows it i would really appreciate it. Im not a quitter and will get this car to start one way or another.,....first time post...Vehicle stalled, and cant get it to start.
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i see now... double posted...very confusing.

it doesn't matter which piston is at TDC when you install the timing chain on a chevy V-8 since they are companion cylinders. the real key is knowing which one is in the firing position when the distributor is installed. if the timing marks on the cam and crank gears are together, then the engine is in the #1 firing position and the distributor should be installed with the rotor facing the #1 terminal inside the cap. if the marks are apart (still lined up, but both marks at the tops of their respective gears) then the engine is in the #6 firing position. either way...the most common mistake is to install the distributor 180 degrees out. the thing to do is this...disconnect the distributor so you don't get spark and remove the #1 spark plug...bump the engine over til you get compression at the #1 spark plug hole and then watch the timing mark as it approaches the pointer on the front cover...lining it up with the 0 mark. then remove the cap and see where the rotor is pointing...if it's off, pull the dist up and rotate the may have to remove it completely and turn the oil pump drive with a screwdriver so that the dist will engage the oil pump and drops all the way into the block. this should get you back to being able to start the engine...don't forget to set the ignition timing with a light for good performance and driveability.
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Just adding that #1 cylinder is on the left front in case you didn't know.

Also the firing order is usually stamped on the top front of the intake manifold if it's the stock one.


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unless you removed the distributer for some reason your distributer isn't going to be out of time, which you shouldnt have had to remove the distributer to do a timing chain on this model. and as already stated it doesnt matter wether number 1 or 6 is on tdc.
sounds like you have crossed several plug wires, would be my guess. firing order is 18436572 in a clockwise direction when looking at the cap.
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