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HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! i need my tranny back

I've got a 1990, 4WD, automatic transmission pathfinder with 180k miles but a recently rebuilt engine and a lot of other fairly new parts in it.

Yesterday I was driving when I heard (and felt below me) a loud noise and suddenly I found myself giving her gas, but she wasn't going anywhere, yet the engine was revving. Luckily I used the momentum I had to get her to the side of the road. After pulling over, I went through every gear and none of them worked. I checked the tranny fluid and it looked and smelt good and was at a good level. The worst part about all of this is that the transmission was just rebuilt two years and 14000 miles ago because the exact same thing happened. I'm short on cash right now so I need some advice. Does this situation sound familiar to anyone? Does it really call for a new/rebuilt tranny? If so, what could have possibly led to this transmission lasting just 14k miles? If it doesn't need a new/rebuilt tranny then what do you think it may need? I just don't want to get hosed right now.

Could these problems be related: In the past year, whenever I get into my car, for the first couple of red lights and stop signs the car is very hesitant and would sometimes even stall if I gave it too much gas before it was warmed up. If I put it in neutral, I could give it as much gas as I wanted and it would be fine. After a few minutes of driving though, she would run very smoothly in any gear.
Also, recently(in July I believe) I noticed that it seemed like the car was generating a lot of heat directly under the 4WD shifter.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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You could see if you have any warranty left on the trans but the transfer case could be the problem also.Have you climbed under it to inspect the driveshaft?
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pathfinder transmissions...

...famous for planet failures...and unless upgrades were done during that OH 14k ago, it could well be a planet failure. when planets go, usually the vehicle won't move...and bad noises. i agree with davo...check to see what the over hauler will should have lasted much longer than 14k if done properly.
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