Fan Switch?


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Fan Switch?

1988 Camaro, 305, VIN E, Throttle Body Injection.

Started overheating in traffic today. In the last 3 months, I've replaced the water pump, thermostat, and hoses. Radiator is 1 yr, as is the electric fan. The air dam is in place.

The fan didn't come on when it should (220). I parked it at the house and checked to see that the fan wasn't running even though the temp was about 230. I shut down, checked all the other stuff (everything else works), and started it up again.

This time the fan came on, but really weak. Then, it just slowly came to a stop. I also noticed that the fan wheel warbled a little bit. I mean, it appears to be slightly warped, but spins freely without any resistance.

Can anyone help me with this one?


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the fan will often not kick on until the 230 -235 range it is possible you didnt let it run long enough to allow the fan to kick in. if it has a seperate switch for the fan relay it is usually on the right cylinder head in between number 6 and 8 spark plugs others will use the coolant temp sensor and the ecm to control the fan relay.
you might hook power directly to the fan to make sure it does work and that there is no problem related to the fan motor or to the plastic fan blade.
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what you describe...

...sounds like a stalled fan should move some air when it runs...not turn slowly or make noise.
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