Oil Change Nightmare


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Cool Oil Change Nightmare

Okay, I'm not dumb when it comes to my 2001 Dodge Stratus. My mechanic father had me changing the oil on my car before I was allowed to even have my beginners license. Here's the deal. I took my vehicle in for its oil change. The car was running fine: no burning liquid smells, no grinding sounds, nothing to alarm me to any type of problem...including the tranny. While there, they tried to tell me that I had burnt my transmission and that it was in bad shape. OK...if it is in such bad shape, then why doesn't the car have the symptoms of a failing transmission? About a mile and a half away from the shop, I started to smell transmission fluid...and it is getting worse.

I searched and searched my user manual for info on replacing or flushing the transmission...but I've found NOTHING. They told me every 30,000 miles. A friend of mine who actually TESTS engines said his is every 50,000. I'm at 52,000 on my 2001 Dodge Stratus SE Coupe (v6). Any suggestions as to why this is all of the sudden a problem AFTER I went in for my oil change, and not before?
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Transmission oil change

Did you go to a reputable company? Did they use incorrect transmission
fluid--a common problem. How is your solenoid? How's your vehicle's computer? Was the correct filter used? Is there a loose electrical connection? Are there leaking seals? Perhaps you would benefit from a computer analysis for your problems. Your problems just may be coincidental and not related to the oil change.
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It is possible oil or fluid of some type spilled when being added to the vehicle.

Does the trans fluid look or smell burnt on the dipstick?
Did you check for leaks yourself?
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Oil CHange

You gotta be careful about tranny oil changes especially in Dodge and Chrysler products. My daughter too her Chrysler product in to Jiffy lube, same thing you were experienceing (nothing), after she came out in about 50 or less miles the car's tranny quit, and burnt. She had to unload the car for nothing. I got to checking, and Chrysler products take a specific brand of oil (in her case ATF Type 3), I checked lots of internet sites, and mechanics and manufacturer. I persued Jiffy Lube with my results, but did not get anywhere. I feel that Jiffy Lube, and a lot of others by that genre are grossly unimformed of the services they provide for all kinds of vehicles. I would never think about taking my vehicle to them for anything, and I admonish anyone to pay a dealer (more) to do it, if you don't do it yourself. It's worth in insurance.
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If they didn't change the trans fluid something was spilled or the oil cap was left off quick lubes are famous for that.If they did change the fluid find out now what they used because they flush transmission not a pan removal and if mercon or dexron3 was in the machine instead of mopar 3 or 4(I think)your trans will die no questions asked.Some places use universal fluid then put in additives that "make" it compliant with manufacturers specs I however am not sold on that premise.

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