Ford F150 leaking anitfreeze

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Ford F150 leaking anitfreeze

1993 Ford F150, just replaced the engine, runs very good
Heat is not good however. engine was running a bit hot, so i replaced thermostat with a cooler one. 165 degrees in lieu of 195. engine temp gauge is below normal now, hoses get good and hot, but heat is very poor. Then one of the old heater hoses blew, now i am leaking antifreeze from the rear of the engine, can't see it, hope it is just a hose, but could be the head gasket i suppose. engine still runs fine, no water in oil, no oil in water, i think there is a blockage somewhere, but how can i fix it?
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Lack of heat may have been from an air bubble. Switching to a lower temp thermostat is generally not a good idea. Engines nowadays are designed to run at specific temperatures. When you change that you can negatively affect other areas of performance and economy.

What was the source of the engine; new? rebuilt? used?

Find and fix the leak. Check for air in system. Raise the front of the vehicle as high as you can (steep uphill driveway or ramps). Remove radiator cap. Run engine until it reaches operating temperature (thermostat opens and upper hose gets HOT). While the engine is warming up you will get some overflow out the radiator filler neck, ignore that. When the thermostat opens the level in the radiator may go down some. Quickly top off and then put cap on. Hopefully this will have "burped" the system of air.
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Installing a lower temp. thermostat as tow guy said is not a good idea. Some people think it will help with an overheating problem. This is false. The thermostat only controls the minimum engine temp once the engine is warmed up. It has NO control over how hot he engine gets after the thermostat is open.

What you have done is caused the engine to run too cold when the cooling system will allow it such as in colder weather. This will contribute to your lack of heat problem. You need to find the source of the overheating problem and fix it. A new correct thermostat would be a good place to start.

You say both hoses get hot. Which hoses? If one heater hose is colder than the other I suspect a blocked heater core or a heater control valve problem. You could also have a diverter door problem or leaves etc. may have gotten in and are blocking the heater core air flow.

If you can't see where the leak is get a good light and a mirror to see if you can spot the leak. It could be a freeze plug at the back of the block or head.

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