Reattach fabric to car ceiling?


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Reattach fabric to car ceiling?

The ceiling fabric in my 1991 Geo prism has come loose. It's suppose to be tucked into the trim by the rear window. I tried some fabric glue with tape holding the fabric was a disaster...just dried on glue and the fabric is still hanging. I figure I probably will have to get the rear window trim off somehow. I have had no luck trying on the internet trying to find how to remove the trim on the Geo. So how can I get the fabric reattached? Any help will be welcome...Thanks, CW

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Once a headliner detaches there is no good way to reattch it.You could use thumb tacks but you will be able to see them.Replacing the headliner is the best option in my opinion.
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once a headliner detaches

Thanks Davo,

I bought some "Heads up" glue for "sagging headliners." Haven't tried it yet. Taking the headline out seems daunting. It's a 91 prism, a sedan, so there is a center post between the doors. I have nothing to loose at this point, so I'll try the glue. Will report back with the results. Thanks Again, CW
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I had that problem a few years ago with a 78 El Camino. The fabric was attached to a fiber board. I removed the board, took it to an upholstery shop, and they re-upholstered it for $25. Looked good for a while and then it came apart like the original one.

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I took the El Cheapo approach on our 90 Bonnevlle.

I bought some carpet/vinyl metal floor strips and cut them slightly bigger than the width of the interior top, and forced them into the door 'lip', kinda curving/bending/contouring them to the shape of the interior top.

It holds the headliner up w/o a problem and looks good. I put 3 or 4 strips up.
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My wifes "engineering" method was to wrap the fabic around a penny and stuff it inbetween the molding and roof. Held for quite a too.
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Well, the head liner fell down in the first place because the foam drys out, than the lining will drop. The best way is to take it to a upholstery shop or let them take it out. And for the person that said it cost 25.00 must of been an inexperience upholster, because it cost any where from 75.00 to 125.00 depending on the model of the car.
It should hold up for another 12 yrs. And for the lining that fell down there our some cars with fiber glass and if you do not use the proper glue it will come right back down.
There no quick fix unless you want glue to show and it will fall also from the heat of the roof will make it tacking a wha la guess what the lining will be hanging in no time
get a pro upholstery to handle the job
thats my opionion.
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Special headliner tacks

Same thing happened to my van. I got a pack of special tacks from the auto parts store that has a spiral shape to them . You just twist them into the headliner and they will hold it up. Worked for me and I drove the van for a couple years after using them. Cheap fix that works if you don't mind having a tufted headliner.
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