Intermittent Starting Problem


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Intermittent Starting Problem

I have a 96 Plymouth Voyager 3 liter engine. For the past 6 months I've had an intermittent starting problem. When I turn the key all I get is a click. I have to keep turning the key on and off real quick to get it to start. I get the click each time which can be as many as 50 to 100 times. At times it takes several minutes before It will start. It's my son's car and it makes him late for classes or work. I finally took it to a garage and pointed them in the direction of the switch. They called and said they replaced a battery clamp and charged me $58. I told them I had already checked the obvious and that was not the problem. Sure enough it's still there. They said the only thing it could be is the starter. I know it's a shot in the dark but could anyone give me a little advice? Should I replace the starter? Thank you, Don

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You can try whacking the starter a couple of times with a mallet or hammer (avoiding hitting terminals and not hitting it REAL hard). If it then cranks like it should - bad starter. My guess would be they are probably right.
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I have had the same experience with my van as well, same application but a 93' year. I found the (redundant) ground cable behind the battery had lost "contact" with the inner wheel well. There is a tech bulletin # 08-53-94 for the 3.3l & 3.8l NOT the 3.0l. Starter relay is located in LH side of engine compartment in the power distribution center. Try swapping the relay with another (less critical) one to see if the problem corrects itself.

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