used anti freeze disposal


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used anti freeze disposal

I'm looking for advice on getting rid of used anti freeze. None of the places in my area that take used oil will take used anti freeze. The only places that do take used anti freeze are garages that do flush and fill, and they act like it's unheard of that someone might walk in off the street and ask them to dispose of used anti freeze that the garge didn't change. But my local municipality tells me that these garages are suppossed to take it from the public. Anyone got any advice, or instruction??

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I would report them to the local municipality if they won't accept it.
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If you are on a sewer system call them. Some sewer districts allow you to put anti freeze in the sanitary sewer.
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What's funny is an auto parts store sells the coolant/antifreeze makes a few percent profit and some body else(garage)is required by law in some areas to accept it.So the garage has to pay to get rid of it and pass the cost on to their customers whom pay more so someone else can save.I think part of the law should allow the collection facility to charge for collection of used oils and coolants.Did you offer to pay them to take the antifreeze?
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The last time I changed antifreeze, the directions said to dispose of the old antifreeze in the sanitary sewer system. Seemed odd to me but that's what I did.
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Pouring antifreeze in to the sewer(sanitary or storm) sounds dangerous to me. Most water supplys use RECYCLED water that has been cleaned and steralized for your drinking water. Antifreeze contains heavy metals that may not be removed by filters. Antifreeze is a hazdorus waste product. Oil change, and other places that change antifreeze have to pay to have this stuff hauled off. Do you think they would pay this if they could just pour it down the drain? Here is an FYI link for you.
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