Acura CL starting problems


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John Hameline
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Question Acura CL starting problems

I've got a 1997 Acura CL, with the F22b1 4cyl engine, manual tansmission and 130K miles.

Today, I had to turn the key several times to get the engine to start. The clutch is fully depressed, but there are no relay clicks or any other noises. After six or seven cycles of the key, it started. This has happened once or twice before, pretty randomly. The battery is recent, as is the starter. In checking the manual, there is a "clutch interlock switch" mounted to the clutch pedal bracket.
Is this par of the starting circuit ? Could this be the cause of the no start ? Adjustable ? Replace?
Any guidance is welcome.
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Yes, the switch on the clutch is part of the starter "system". It is a safety interlock to make sure you can't start the vehicle with it in gear and the clutch released. Should be adjustable; it is similar in nature and operation to the brake light switch on the brake pedal.

Couple of things to try. If you have a meter you can check for continuity across the switch with the pedal depressed (will take an extra body and some contortionism). You can also locate the switch and manually depress it. Be VERY careful you do not crank the engine with vehicle in gear while troubleshooting. Apply parking brake and ensure transmission is in neutral.
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You should be able to jumper the clutch switch to see if it starts don't leave it that way for safety reasons.You may also have a failing ignition switch.

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