1996 grand am brakes


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1996 grand am brakes

Hello, I have a '96 grand am. just replaced all front disc and rear drums brake assemblies. But breaking over 80km gives a hell of a vibration like a warped drum in the rear.This was present before the repair also. The dealer could not find anything wrong, like ABS and changed control arm and sway bar bushings????
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If the vehicle has a bent hub bearing it would give the same sensation as a warped rotor/drum. A dial indicator is needed for this. Before you condemn any part, diagnose. On an "empty" road (preferably a smooth road), apply the brakes at 35 mph. Then perform the same test but apply the emergency brake only. You separate the disc brake system from the drum since the e-brake only applies the drum brakes. If the vibration is felt with e-brake operation, the problem is the drums. It could very well be a "shifted" belt in the tire (bulge). Rotors cut/replaced by not stocking correctly could be warped to begin with. The surface of the hub should be cleaned of any imperfections (rust). A worn tie rod end or steering component, same problem.

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